• December 07 2012

    Spread Happiness with KON

    If you want to spread happiness around you, it is not that difficult.
    Just small efforts enable it.
    You can be Santa and you can make people smile.
    Let's spread happiness!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013!

    Update 2012.12.07

    April 21 2012

    Jambo Island EP_04 Toki Returns

    What happen to Toki and carrot in the spaceship?
    And what is Ah-ji going to do for Toki?

    Update 2012.04.21

    March 13 2012

    Jambo Island_Alien Invasion-Taken

    This is the third Episode of Jambo Island - Alien Invastion(Taken). Our Jambo character, Toki is taken by UFO.
    Ahji tries to save Toki but he is faced with a difficult situation.
    How does Ahji can overcome this crisis?

    Update 2012.03.13

    December 30 2011

    Jambo island episode 01

    Somewhere in the world, there is a mysterious place called Jambo Island,
    because nobody's gone in and nobody ever comes out.
    Only animals can go. What is going on Jambo Island?

    Update 2011.12.30

    January 9 2012

    Jambo Island episode 02

    It's dancing time.
    Let's dance together with Ah-ji, Toki, and Ori of Jambo Island. Look at their adorable movement.
    But be careful. There is someone who is controlling them.
    Who is he? and Why is he doing?

    Update 2012.01.09

  • Jambo Island Story

    Jambo island ?

    Somewhere in the world, there is a mysterious place called Jambo Island, because nobody's gone in and nobody ever comes out. Only animals can go. A story about Jambo Island has been passed down through the ages from old timers to newcomers in the animal kingdom. Human could not learn about or find out Jambo Island, because they cannot understand animal language. Endangered or deserted animals have been gathered in Jambo Island to survive and they are making a new history in Jambo Island.

    Meanwhile, aliens from outer space started to look for Jambo Island. They had been searching for Power Energy Flower in human world, but they could not find it. In human world, Power Energy Flower has been already extinct due to environmental pollution. Lately they knew the extinction of Power Energy Flower in human world and the existence of Jambo Island.

    What is going on Jambo Island?

    Main story?

    Plants in Jambo Island have enigmatic energy. Among them, flowers and honey of Jambo Island have lots of energy and the best taste of the world. These flowers were in human world too as a name of Power Energy Flower long times ago. However Human used too many flowers in order to make food and energy in a short time, and many kinds of Power Energy Flowers were endangered. Human world developed rapidly by the energy of the flowers was polluted environmentally and Power Energy Flowers disappeared one by one in human world.

    When all the Power Energy Flowers disappeared, human world became dark and went back to primitive times. The flowers and the story have disappeared in human world, but the story has reached the aliens, and the secret of mysterious flowers has been passed down in the universe and animal kingdom like a legend. The aliens looked in every nook and cranny in human world, but they failed to find the flowers.

    Recently aliens have heard the rumor of that these flowers are in Jambo Island and they are looking for the way to go to Jambo Island.